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Let jds.theammodump.com be your resource for Recording & Live Equipment

  Lifetime Support   Client Satisfaction    Great Value   Experience that counts

In addition to product information, we offer special discounts and promotions to help our clients get what they need for the lowest possible investment. You also have the opportunity to purchase the equipment you want right here from this site. Need something right away ? Order it and have it for tomorrows session. 

If your looking for that personal touch speak to one of our audio engineers directly, and they will help you find and specify what your looking for. Our engineers have over 10 years experience: 

  • Chief Engineering 
  • Live Sound Engineering in the U.S. and Europe 
  • Applications Engineering 
  • Home Theater and Surround 
  • Equipment Manufacturing 

If you sent us an order, email, or classified ad between 2-11-99 and 2-15-99, it was not received due to a server malfunction. At this time all server functions have been restored. Please resubmit your order, email, or classified ad. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Featured Products

Alesis ADAT LX/XT-20
Self-powered studio monitors
Cakewalk Editing/Sequencing
Steinberg's Cubase VST/24
JBL Portable PA Systems: EON
Make your own CD's: $599

JDS Headlines

Yes, we have once again changed the
look of our site to better serve you
We now have JBL EONs in stock and at a great new low price.
Digitech S100's and QVerb's
Now in stock! 
NEW Price on Audio Technica 4033/SM...$399.99
New Low Price on Sony PCM-M1 


Looking for musicians....or a band ? ..... or....
Looking for a way to get rid of YOUR used gear...

Try JDSound's Classifieds...its free!

ART Personal Tube Mic Preamp

Great Deals & Closeouts...

Fostex D108 Had Disk
Recorders.....replaces Fostex D90

...as low as $899.99

Alesis ADAT XT-20

...too low to advertise

JBL EON Powered 10 & 15

...starting at $429.00


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